Select cells based on color or formatting of another cell

Supposing you have a range of data: F3 cell has the specific formatting that you want, and now you need to select all cells which have the same formatting with cell F3 from range A1:D10.


Excel makes it possible to select cells based on the formatting of other cells. There are several steps you need to follow:

Step 1: On Home tab, go to Find and Replace, select Find option (you can also quickly activate this Find option by pressing Ctrl+F).

Step 2: Click Format button in the Find and Replace dialog box, and select Choose Format From Cell. If you can’t find out the Format button, please click the Options button first.


Step 3: Select the cell contains the format you want to use for searching, and then click the Find All button. All cells which have the same formatting with the selected cell will be list under the list box.


Step 4: Press Ctrl + A to select all the items in the list box, and the same formatting cells with the selected cell have been selected including the specific cell.



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