Inserting almost equal / approximate sign (≈) in an Excel cell

I want to add the symbol for almost equal, ie ≈, but haven’t been able to find it.

Option 1
It’s alt 0187 in font Symbol.

Option 2
Insert – Symbol, you find it under Subset Number Forms

If possible try to use the symbol in the format cell settings, so your calculation doesn’t go to #N/A:
1. with the cell containing the symbol selected, click in the Formula Bar, highlight the symbol and copy (Ctrl+c)
2. Now select the range that should show ≈ beofre their entered numbers and go Format>Cells – Custom.
3.Use either General “≈”;”≈”-General or “≈”0.00;”≈”-0.00 or another variation by pasting in the symbol (Ctrl+v).