Excel Shortcuts

File Management
New Ctrl N or Alt F N
Open Ctrl O or Alt F O or Ctrl F12
Close Alt F C
Print Ctrl P or Alt F P
Save Ctrl S or Alt F S
Save As F12 or Alt F A
Set Print Area Alt F T S
Clear Print Area Alt F T C
Insert Page Break Alt I B
Page Setup Alt F U
Print Preview Alt F V
Undo Last Action Ctrl Z or Alt E U
Redo (Reverse Undo) Ctrl Y or Alt E R
Repeat Last Action F4 or Ctrl Y or Alt Enter
Enter or Exit Cell or Formula Bar F2
Absolute or Relative Reference F4
Format Cells
Bold Ctrl B
Italics Ctrl I
Underline Ctrl U
Strikethrough Ctrl 5
Border Outline Ctrl Shift 7
Remove Borders Ctrl Shift –
Format Cells Ctrl 1
Cut Ctrl X
Copy Ctrl C
Paste Ctrl V
Paste Special – Formula Alt ESF, Enter
Paste Special – Format Alt EST, Enter
Paste Special – Value Alt ESV, Enter
Copy Right Select empty cells to the right of filled cell, then Ctrl R
Copy Down Select empty cells below filled cell, then Ctrl D
Sum Formula Alt=
Function Wizard Shift F3
Moving Around Excel
Quick move Ctrl and Arrow in desired direction
Move To Column A Home
Move To Cell A1 Ctrl Home
Move To Bottom Right Cell Ctrl End
Page Left Alt Page Up
Page Right Alt Page Down
Next Worksheet Ctrl Page Down
Previous Worksheet Ctrl Page Up
Next Workbook Ctrl Tab or Ctrl F6
Previous Workbook Ctrl Shift Tab or Ctrl Shift F6
Go To F5 or Ctrl G or Alt E,G
Selecting Cells
Highlight Cells Shift Arrow in desired direction
Quick Highlight Ctrl Shift Arrow in desired direction
Select To Column A Shift Home
Select To Cell A1 Ctrl Shift Home
Select To Bottom Right Cell Ctrl Shift End
Selection Page Up or Down Shift Page Up or Down
Selection Page Left or Right Shift Alt Page Up or Down
Select Row Shift Spacebar
Select Column Ctrl Spacebar
Select Entire Worksheet Ctrl A
Insert today’s DATE Ctrl ;
Insert Row Alt IR
Insert Column Alt IC
Copy or Move Sheet Alt EM
Insert New Worksheet Alt IW or Shift F11
Dependents and Precedents
Highlight Direct Cell Precedents Ctrl [
Highlight Direct Cell Dependents Ctrl ]
Show Precedent Arrows Alt TUT
Show Dependent Arrows Alt TUD
Find and Replace
Find Ctrl F
Replace Ctrl H
Freeze or Unfreeze Window Panes Alt WF
Split Windows Alt WS
View Zoom Alt VZ
View Page Breaks Alt VP
View Normal Alt VN
Define Name Alt IND or Ctrl F3
Insert Comment Alt IM or Shift F2
Clear Comments Alt EAM
View Macros Alt F8
View VBA Alt F11
Fit / Hide Rows and Columns
Column Autofit Alt OCA
Row Autofit Alt ORA
Set Column Width Alt OCW
Set Row Height Alt ORE
Column Standard Width Alt OCS
Group Rows or Columns Select rows or columns to be grouped, then Alt Shift Right Arrow
Ungroup Rows or Columns Select rows or columns to be ungrouped, then Alt Shift Left Arrow
Hide Rows Ctrl 9
Hide Columns Ctrl 0
Unhide Rows Ctrl Shift 9
Unhide Columns Ctrl Shift 0
Before submitting  
Spell Check F7
Help F1