Can’t see my tabs anymore in excel

Somehow your computer can decide to undo it’s normal setup of showing windows, excel, word etc. “on top” of your windows taskbar and is now showing the full window that ends “behind” the taskbar.

This is how you REMIND the computer how it should display windows:
First make sure this is the actual problem, and that you do not have the tabs display turned off in your settings:

Go to File – Options – Advanced.

Scroll way down to the heading “Display options for this workbook”. Under that heading there are check boxes for “Show horizontal scroll bar”, “Show vertical scroll bar” and “Show sheet tabs”. Make sure that last box is checked.



Now if this box is ticked and you still do not see your tabs, proceed as follows:

1) Right-click on your windows taskbar
2) Click the “Lock the Taskbar” button (doesn’t matter what it was previously)
3) reboot your laptop/pc

It should work after that, if not, repeat the steps one more time…. it should work after that.