Unknown name Conflict error message when copying sheet

On some Excel spreadsheets, I get an error message as a result of trying to copy a sheet.
I get a Microsoft Excel error box that says:


A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name '__123Graph_A', which already exists on the destination worksheet.Do you want to use this version of the name?
- To use the name as defined in the destination sheet, click Yes.
- To rename the range referred to in the formula or worksheet, click No, and enter a new name in the Name Conflict dialog box.

The Error Box allows me to click either
Yes or No.

The weird thing is that I don’t use this name in this worksheet, nor do i know where it came from or where it is located in the file.

The Insert/Name/Define process does not report any of these phantom names; and the View/Report Manager also does not list any Reports with such names.

This is an extremely annoying occurance and i suspect it is as a result of sheets that may have been copied or moved, a long time ago, from another file.


This is how you solve it:

I have found Name Manager an excellent tool. It is an add-in. It shows global as well as sheet names. And in most cases it will show names that the Insert/Name/Define dialog box does not.

It is an Excel add-in which comes with a very clear instruction, one-click install, and works like a charm!

For me personally, I removed 740 phantom names from 1 document with this tool, while the Name manager showed 0!

Source: http://www.decisionmodels.com/downloads.htm